For centuries, cultures around the world have used dance as a way to pray, celebrate, express, and connect. When the energy that naturally moves through the body is expressed through intentional movement, it has the capacity to reconnect us with our own Source energy and power of manifestation. This is a practice that, in mainstream culture has been lost. We have become disconnected from the wisdom that we each innately hold in our bodies. We have become disconnected with the knowledge of how to use this power to pray, call in, and manifest what we desire in life. But just because we have drifted away from these practices does not mean they have been lost forever! This knowledge still lives inside each of us, waiting to be reactivated and used for its purpose- to bring us into align with our highest expression of life.

Using movement as a tool for feminine activation and liberation can be done by all women! There is no skill required. The only element necessary is a willingness to open to the unseen realm of energy, and to prioritize creating time and space to be fully present with your self, your feeling body, and all of the vibrations flowing through you. Once we learn to tap into the river of energy flowing inside, welcoming it in every form- from the most gentle drips to the 10 foot high crashing waves- then we can learn to harness this power, activate it, and direct it through the body in a way that supports us stepping more fully into our power. We become the masters of our reality, knowing that what is outside is a direct reflection of that is happening on the inside. 

Two Transformational Embodied Movement Immersions suitable for all women...

"I can say with confidence that MANA Movement changed my life. Anything Mana touches is imbued with deep love and reverence for the feminine, and this was no exception.
On the floor, I learned to move in ways that felt natural and liberating. I learned to listen to myself, honor my body and my desires. I vibrated with joy and strength that filled my every move with purpose. I had personal breakthroughs, insights, visions. I had profound moments of healing and wept like a child.
Off the floor, I acquired confidence that translated into other areas of my life. So grateful for this experience and hope I can continue to take the practice even deeper." - Anastasiya Sharkova

"This immersion has activated the most essential part of me that I had forgotten about...
Mana Mei has fully activated my spirit with her divine essence and I am so in love with myself and with her soul.
I feel my purpose is to continue to dive into this journey and to proliferate this magical energy it has infused into me, and that I feel the world absolutely must absorb in order to shift into this new chapter of existence.
So much gratitude to Mana for being the light that she are. So much gratitude for being on this journey.
We have the power!"  - Louise Bain
Mana Mei

Hi I'm Mana Mei. I am a classically trained ballet and modern dancer, having 28 years of technical dance training as well as 10 years of personal embodied dance and expressive movement exploration. After dancing professionally with internationally touring modern dance companies in California, I moved to Bali with my 2 month old son, and began the creation of many passionate offerings, events, workshops and retreats of embodied dance, authentic connection through movement, empowering women through embodiment, personalized embodied movement coaching, and live performance dance invocations. I currently tours Internationally with my creative offerings of MANA Movement, CLAY- An Embodied Ritual, and The Embodied Dance Journeys. I also recently launched Embodied Dance Temple Keepers, a facilitator training, as a way to empower women to connect in global sisterhood and spread the healing medicine of embodied dance around the world.

As a sacred temple keeper, I create and holds containers where people can safely explore and reconnect with all of their expressions, from the soft and subtle to the raw and wild. I guide people to tune into their authentic movement desires as a way to unlock suppressed personal expression and liberate the body, mind, and spirit so that they may realize their true and full potential as activated humans.

I believe that our bodies are vessels built to explore all of the complexities of the human experience and by becoming deeply embodied and engaging with others from this place, we may feel our truest connection to the universe and realigning ourselves with the magnificent life we all deserve!







“The MANA immersion was and still is, a deep reprogramming, into stepping into my feminine fullness and Truth, learning to prioritize my wellbeing, opening up to receiving the creative flow of energy within, learning how to open up to being seen and self expressing, radical self acceptance and with that, liberation from all that was holding me back and keeping me playing small.
I feel infinitely grateful and blessed to have this opportunity to immerse myself and fully receive Mana’s wisdom, teachings and practices at such a potent time in the evolution of consciousness, and will continue daily with these rituals for the days weeks and years to come, watching the magic unfold." - Minou Sadeghi
“This was one of the most life-changing transformative experience I have gone through. All the different practices that were taught gave me permission deep dive into my own experience. 
This work helped me connect myself to my feminine energy, connecting with my womb which is my creative force and space for creation. These movements were so meditative, self-nourishing, and healing. 
I was able to connect with all my emotions and embrace them. I learned that anger and frustration can be transformed into a positive power that can be utilized through those feelings. Mana was such an inspiring teacher. I am so thankful and grateful for this experience.” - Janina Wenzel